About Us



We believe that learning is a skill that is acquired at a very young age. The skill of learning is established by experience, study or being taught. LIHA was founded in order to build upon this skill and strengthen it as our students mature. LIHA students will become proficient in reading from a Siddur, Torah and Mishna combined with a superior multi-disciplinary education. This enables our children to be reflective, knowledgeable and responsible participants in the world.

LIHA is a Yeshiva day school which thoughtfully combines progressive approaches to education while

• Engaging students in a comprehensive study of the hebrew language as well as being able to read from a siddur, chumash and navi

• Building knowledge and essential learning skills through experience of inquiry and discovery

• Empowering our students to become critical and creative thinkers in all subject matters

• Cultivating respectful partnerships between students, parents, teachers that nurture each individual and builds community

At LIHA students learn by observing, listening, discussing ideas, debating concepts and making each discovery their very own.