Mrs. Dalia Shabatian, LIHA Principal

Welcome From Mrs. Dalia Shabatian
LIHA Principal

Dalia Shabatian picture

Schools are dedicated to preparing students to meet with success in their future life experiences by providing a variety of exceptional educational opportunities.  High academic expectations, shared decision-making, responsibility, and a nurturing atmosphere are all vital components in acquiring success.

We must not forget that educators have the power to change the direction of young lives and have a positive effect on the lives of our children and future generations.  Therefore, it is imperative that our school should be a place for children to grow and learn, a place to respect and be respected, a place to experience the excitement of learning.  It is equally important that the students, parents and school staff collaboratively work together.  Once this is achieved, there is no limit to what we and our children can accomplish.

Teaching and learning require planning, desire, enthusiasm, time, and effort.  Teachers deserve a great amount of respect and appreciation for their arduous work.  Learning is a joyous and never ending process.  Students will develop skills to become independent and self-sufficient adults who will succeed and have a positive impact on our families and communities.

As a school principal, I believe that respect and open communication is key to a positive and supportive atmosphere.  It is important for administrators, staff, faculty, parents and students to be on the same page.  I would like to ensure the learning, safety, and emotional growth of our students and teachers.  Only by working simultaneously with every member of our school can I meet this responsibility.  Working cooperatively as a team with parents, children, and teachers we can provide the best possible education for all of our children.