General Studies Program


In LIHA our students experience the general ed program through reading, writing, science, mathematics, social studies, music, STEM, and art. Students participate in real educational experiences that emerge from a meaningful and purposeful context, that include hands-on  activities that engage our students in their arduous learning at school.

For example, children are encouraged to envision themselves as writers and do what writers do — write regularly, edit their pieces, read them to others to get feedback, rewrite, publish, and celebrate their stories. In this context, they learn to spell, understand grammar, and construct sentences, paragraphs, and essays. In doing this children are inspired to learn because these are the skills writers need to have — there is a visible purpose that children recognize and can appreciate. In the common core math, children learn to strategize and problem-solve as mathematicians do, while also learning to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. While studying English texts, like Jewish texts, children are encouraged to decode words and comprehend them, but also to take text apart, ask questions, read or hear other people's ideas, and interpret and create meaning from the text for their own lives.

Our outstanding general education program is further enriched by our commitment to the art program as well as the STEM program. Throughout the course of the year our students have the chance to regularly participate in art and STEM projects which take place once a week. In art they learn special techniques such as perspective, 3D painting, stroke painting, color blending, watercolor painting, figure drawing, art symmetry and much more. In STEM they always do a fun experiment where the love of science, technology, engineering and math become infused in their learning. Weekly physical education classes emphasize fitness, sports, and team building.